Power Generation Sets

Watan Altaqa

is your one supplier for all your power needs.

A wide range of power nodes from 10 KVA up to 4 MVA from Generac high-quality Generator sets factories.

Our product support team will help in sizing the power required and installation requirement. Watan Altaqa will supply, install, test, start up, and warrants your Generator Set and power station.

Power your investment with Watan Altaqa

With decades of experience,  Generac and Watan Altaqa are your right choice for innovative and reliable power solutions. We provide Generators for different applications: Industrial, residential, commercial, Contracting, Telecom, Healthcare, and others. Our Generator sets can work Stand by or prime power applications and be supplied open or in closed canopies for sound attenuation and protection.


We provide different type of Generators Fuel


The traditional choice for standby power.

Natural Gas

The Smartest Fuel Choice. ‏‌‏‌


The only true bi-fuel solution.

Diesel-fueled Generators

Diesel-fueled generators are the workhorses of the industry. They can be an efficient choice many applications, as well as for facilities where code requirements (NEC 700 and NFPA 110) call for on-site fuel storage, like hospitals and 911 call centers. They can also provide the main power in remote areas where businesses do not have access to the natural gas supply.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is becoming the preferred solution in many applications as it provides much longer runtimes, permitting is easier, and units with natural gas have 90% fewer emissions compared to diesel generators. In addition, there is virtually less maintenance associated with natural gas generators comparing to Diesel fuel.

BI-FUEL™ Generators

BI-FUEL™ generators combine the power of diesel fuel with the longevity of natural gas. They meet the NEC and NFPA code requirements for on-site fuel storage while providing the reliability of natural gas flow during a crisis or weather event. Should natural gas not be available, the generator can run on diesel fuel. Generac offers fully integrated solutions that are the only EPA-compliant generators straight from the factory. The math seems easy.

Generac Generators

Over 60 Years of Power Generation Expertise.

Generac makes generators for home, business, and industrial applications. Fueled by liquid propane, natural gas, or diesel fuel. Protecting your investments against power outages.